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    Contact Information
    Wafer Prosthesis

    iC-Haus China provides technical support for iC-Haus products and their applications, as well as support for the BiSS interface.

    For more detailed information about the iCs, or if you require technical support for your application, please contact iC-Haus China:

    iC-Haus China Representative Office

    Shennan East Road 4003, World Finance Center Building A, 34-D
    Luohuo District, 518010 Shenzhen

    Phone: +86 755 8233-3310
    Email: contact@ichauschina.com

    If you are interested in samples or price quotations, please contact one of the iC-Haus authorized distributors in China:


    6/F, A609, Futong V city, Hangcheng Avenun, Xixiang, Baoan District
    Zian Commercial , Building. 6th Area Baoan District
    518216 Shenzhen

    phone: +86-755-33116926 (Shenzhen)
    fax: +86-755-33116973
    Email: szplenty@plenty-group.com
    Homepage: www.plenty-group.com
    Guchen Dr. Guan KG

    Representative Office in China
    737 Cao Xi North Road
    200030 Shanghai

    phone: +86-21-64288707
    fax: +86-21-34240355
    email: guanliang@shguchen.cn
    Techtuit China Co., Ltd.

    Room B 5F, Bldg., 29,
    Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, No.201, Min Yi Road, Xinqiao, Town, Songjiang District,
    Shanghai, China

    Sales Div.
    Zhu Yihua

    Phone: +86-21-3373-0238
    Fax: +86-21-6334-5116
    Email: zhu-yihua@techtuit.com.cn
    Homepage: www.techtuit.com
    Weltronics Component Ltd.

    Room 611-622, 6/F., Chang Ping Commercial Bldg., 99 Hong Hua Road, Futian Free Trade Zone,
    Shenzhen, PRC.
    Postal Code:518038

    Contact Person : Ms. Li Xiao Tian

    Phone: +86-755-8348-0330
    Fax: +86-755-8348-0105
    Email: li.xiaotian@weltronics.com
    Homepage: www.weltronics.com

    If you would like to visit the official iC-Haus (Germany) website, click on the image below (content is available in English only):

    iC-Haus Logo

    If you would like to visit the official BiSS interface website, click on the image below (content is available in English only):

    BiSS Logo